Sasja Lucas is originally from Sungei-Gerong, a city in the steamy jungle on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. A sharp contrast in climate and environment greeted her as her family moved to the flat landscape of Holland and then to the even flatter Midwest of Canada.
Eventually settling in the comparatively temperate climate of upstate New York, it was there that Sasja received a BFA from the State University at Binghamton, where she studied with renowned artists Angelo Ippolito, Linda Sokolowski, Charles Eldred, Don DeMauro, Don Bell, Aubrey Schwartz, Edward Wilson, and David Shapiro. Receiving a full fellowship to go to graduate school at George Washington University, she continued her studies with William Woodward, Edward Teller, Frank Wright, and Arthur Hall Smith.
She moved to Boston, MA in 1980, where she has maintained her own studio for over forty years. The many paintings, drawings, and prints that have emerged have been shown and collected not only locally, but internationally.
Drawing on experiences that were nurtured by a very creative family, (her father was an architect and her mother was a potter and a seamstress), she involved herself in other diverse artistic pursuits: murals; graphic, interior, exhibit and stage design/production; and 2-D and 3-D fabrication for animation.
Her desire to share in the artistic dialogue (and to take her out of the self-imposed isolation of the working studio) led her to become a founding member of the cooperative Cornwall Gallery, Jamaica Plain Arts Association and Open Studios, and the Menino Arts Center. 
Teaching art and design at a variety of institutions, (Mass College of Art, Newbury College, the Fuller Museum, Brookline Arts Center, Menino Arts Center and Cornwall Studios/Gallery), further brings her into contact with students (ages two through ninety-five), from whom she always seeks inspiration and sees first hand the process of discovery on which all her art is based.